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Jiangsu Biennial Art Expo


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Jiangsu Biennial Art Expo

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  Exhibition Name:Jiangsu Biennial Art Expo

  Producer / Chief Curator:Dr. Yan Lugen

  Academic Committee:Song Yulin, Wang Weijun, Zhang Wenhao, Gu Chengfeng

  Organizing Committee:Qin Jian, Huang Bingliang, Cao Yanna

  Executive Curator:Wei Xiaolin

  Exhibition Period:January 1st - February 28th, 2018

  Address:Baijia Lake Art Museum, 33 Liyuan Middle Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

  Organizer:Nanjing Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group

  Co-organizer:Nanjing Baijia Lake Art Museum, Nanjing Head International Auction Co., Ltd.

  On January 1, 2018, the first 2018 "Jiangsu Biennial Art Expo", hosted by Nanjing Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group and undertook by Nanjing Baijia Lake Art Museum and Nanjing Head International Auction Co., Ltd., was opened in Nanjing Baijia Lake Art Museum.

  Nearly 150 artists of Jiangsu native, artists cultured in Jiangsu art institutes and artists active in Jiangsu participated in the exhibition, including some prestigious artists like Zhou Jingxin, Liu Yun, Hu Ningna, Yang Yaoning, Xue Liang, Xu Lele, Sun Xiaoyun, Guan Jun and Song Yulin, as well as some top traditional Chinese painting artists like Qin Xiuping, Shu Xinshui, Yang Yu and Li Geye. The artworks exhibited are in various art forms, including ink painting, oil painting, print, sculpture and so on. Those representative artworks submitted by artists who were nominated by the arts council, are to present the contemporary art in Jiangsu and rebrand Nanjing as the “Hometown of Art in China”.

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