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         Nanjing Phoenix Mountain Art Park is invested with 3 billion RMB by Baijia Lake Group and Singapore Universal Financial Investment Group. It will be one of the world’s largest modernized art studio group. The project located at the south foot of Phoenix mountain, therefore, a superior location, pleasant environment, and profound historical culture are all easily gained. The park, covers 281.97 mu, with a building area of 304 thousand m2, are to build 120 art studios and art exhibition halls (300-400 m2 each). The biggest private art gallery in Nanjing, with 20000 square feet, will also be built in the Art Park. The Group has invested 800 million RMB to build 120 studios and exhibition halls, along with the world’s largest international artists flats, which is about 47 thousand m2.

         The Park centers on artists and provides serial service for them, such as exhibition, collection, teaching, researching, evaluation, financing, promotion and transaction. It will be equipped with complete supporting facilities - art theme hotel, international artist club, art theme restaurant, and artist leisure center.