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“Art Nanjing” 2016 International Art Fair

“Art Nanjing” 2016 International Art Fair

      “Art Nanjing” 2016 International Art Fair

aims at being the largest international art fair in China. It integrates the resources in the domestic and overseas art market, unites with famous galleries, art institutions and art funds at home and abroad, and takes the Baijia Lake Art Mansion (Edinburgh Hotel, 40,000 square meters) as the display space to closely link the outstanding artists and artworks worldwide with residence, life, art and mass art consumption.


      Under the comprehensive advantages of media, artists and artworks, collectors and institutions, art trading, fund support and financial support, it provides an efficient entity trading platform for exhibitors, artists and collectors, and provides an "accessible" art aesthetic feast and a "affordable" mass art consumption exposition for art enthusiasts and ordinary citizens.

During the event


1, Exhibition highlights

Take the art trade as priority and make it a real "art fair"            

Practice of situational experience consumption 

Aggregation of Industry organizations and Introduce of "Buyers’ Day"         Multi-benefit model to create "common market" in art industry            

Famous Institutions to achieve marketing cluster effect            

Abundant expert resources for quality assurance 

Deep connect with Internet plus, launch a new exhibition mechanism

Not only a feast but also a social event            

Media promotion and accurate marketing            

Prime site both for exhibition and residence            

GAGASIAN and White Cube jointly appeared            

Half of the 50 largest collectors in China were presented            

Masterpieces of more than ten masters like Picasso, Gauguin and Monet are on exhibition. More than 1000 enterprise collectors gathered for the grand occasion            

300 top artists in the world were attended            

Baijia Lake Group's strong capital infusion

2, Site advantage

/ Exhibitors/

Galleries worldwide, art funds, art institutions, local art associations, art colleges, art communities, HK, Macao and Taiwan cutting-edge art institutions, art e-commerce, youth art expositions, art media

/ Scope/

Chinese and Western painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, new media, art derivatives (and creative home products), jewelry design, intangible cultural heritage and inheritance

e Customization


Pioneer Contemporary, Young Novelty, Art Finance, Art E-Commerce, Life Aesthetics, Public Art Exhibition Area, Classics and Inheritance, Art Media, Them

/ Exhibition schedule/

Assembly time   May 12,2016

VIP night    May 13,2016

Exhibition time   May 13-23,2016 (10:00—20:00)