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“Art Nanjing” 2015 International Art Fair

  "Art Nanjing" 2015 International Art Fair is built in the form of urban art fairs, targeting the largest international art fair. It integrates all resources and combines with domestic and overseas famous galleries, art institutions and art fund industry force to structure a cultural platform to promote artistic exchanges and present the city’s image. “Art Nanjing” promotes the life aesthetic, and guides artistic mass consumption, which dedicates to conveying the beauty to the public in a pro-people way. It emphasizes the theme of art and life, and art and consumption to create a strong artistic atmosphere between visiting experience and consumption.

  The first "Art Nanjing" 2015 International Art Fair was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center from September 16 to 20, 2015. The exhibition hall covers an area of 6,000 square meters. It brings together nearly 100 domestic and foreign art dealers to display paintings (Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints), sculptures, influences, portrait, installations and other works of art. After the exposition, all the artworks would be displayed nationwide.

“Art Nanjing” 2015 International Art Fair

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“Art Nanjing” 2015 International Art Expo            

Assembly time: September 14-15, 2015 (9:00-17:00)            

Exhibition time: September 16-20, 2015            

VIP Art Night:September 16, 2015            

Dismantle time:September 20, 2015            

Venue::Nanjing Xinzhuang International Exhibition Center



Xinhua News Agency Jiangsu Branch

Nanjing Lek Yuen Group



Nanjing Chinart E-commerce Co., Ltd

Nanjing Broad Cultural Investment Co., Ltd.            

99 Art Network



Artron Net, ART INVESTMENT, ART WEEKLY, Nanjing Phoenix Mountain Art Park, Hong Kong Modern Art Museum            

General Planning: Yang Yi            

Chief Executive: Cao Yanna            

Art Director: Sun Xiaojuan            

Executive Director: Zhang Zhongwei            

Exhibition Director: Chen Xu           

Organizing Committee: Chen Zihao, Wei Xiaolin, Hu Hao, Zhang Yili, Regeland, Ke Yalian, Han Zongxia, Li Yang            

Designers: Wu Xiaoquan, Ding Juanjuan, Lei Jielan            

Professional support: Chen Long, Han Dong, Shi shi, Apple, Zhang Wenjia, etc.