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  Producer:Yan Lugen

  Planner-General:Huang Bingliang

  Curators:Zhu Tong, Wu Xiaomei, Cao Yanna

  Academic Support:Shen Yubing, Shang Yong, Chang Ningsheng


  China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs

  China Public Diplomacy Association

  Federation of HK Jiangsu Community Organisations

  Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group

  Nanjing Forture Investment Group


  Nanjing Broad Culture Investment Co.,Ltd

  Nanjing Lek Yuen Group


  Nanjing Public Diplomacy Association

  Nanjing Phoenix Art Park

  Hong Kong Modern Art Gallery

  Nanjing Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

  Duration: September 16-26, 2015

  Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center (No.88 Long Pan Road, Xuan Wu District, Nanjing)

  As an important component of Nanjing International Art Festival, the “master exhibition” together with the other areas provides an opportunity for the audience to appreciate the works of impressionism masters, and thus to develop public perception and pass on the art trends and values of last century, stimulating cultural development. This exhibition will present Nanjing Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group’s and Lek Yuen Group’s collection, accumulated over the past twenty years, all original classics from the western masters, including Cubist Pablo Picasso, Impressionist Renoir, Degas, Monet and Pissarro, Post-Impressionist Gauguin and van Gogh, Fauvism Matisse, Paris School Chagall, Realism sculptor Rodin, and modernist sculptor Henry Moore.

  How do you face the reality of China which has undergone tremendous changes? The curatorial team selected almost 1,000 works among tens of thousands of artists from 43 countries and regions from the perspective of contemporary artistic development over a century in the world in order to reflect all the artistic languages in contemporary artistic context.